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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Dear Sangath,
We are grateful to have begun our journey with a strong foundation in the beautiful community of the Espanola Ashram. These are some pictures that we took during our stay, please click on the slideshow on the right and it will redirect you to Picasa website, there you can view the pictures enlarged and download as you wish. It was an incredible experience of attending daily Sadhana, taking music and Gurmukhi classes, doing Karma Yoga and learning about the Sikh Dharma. We were fortunate to have attracted great teachers, lovely friends and tremendous support from the community to strengthen our practice. This connection will aid us on our journey to Angola-Africa, as our vision is to create a Kundalini community and spread Yoga in that region. Thank you to all of you for your well-wishes, blessings and most of all teachings and inspiration. A special thanks to Bibiji for having sent us the books to get started with the Gurdwara ceremonies and for her support in building a community in Angola.

Currently we are in Wichita-Kansas as many of you know. Jasmine is completing her studies for the aircraft she will be flying in Angola and I (Lamsa) am completing a project management course for the business projects that we will begin there. We are compiling and constructing our plan with excitement and trust that The Divine is guiding us. Our Hukam for this new chapter of our lives starts with "Meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, O mind; don't forget Him, even for an instant." (page 925 in 5665)

Many of you expressed a desire for us to blog about our progress as we pursue our vision. We will update you on this blog periodically, so please create this as a link and become a follower of our blog! We invite you to comment, write and guide us either on this blog by posting or emailing to us at: (Jasmine Kaur Rence) (Lamsa Claudio Da Silva)

Thank you for your blessings, support and love, please stay in touch as we miss the community already.



  1. Sat Nam, dear Lamsa and Jasmine,
    Thank you for your kind greetings and best wishes. It is very good to hear from you. We have enjoyed seeing all the pictures you sent out of your time here and afterwards.

    All of these challenges for you are very precious, because they will give you strength and chisel your character. It can feel very difficult sometimes, doing the work of the destiny. But you can remember that Guru Ram Das is always smiling on you both. Once you just remember Guru Ram Das in any difficulty, He will clear the way for you, since the Infinite Creator is the real Doer any way.

    Keep going with your sadhana every day, and that will help you have the courage to go through anything. I often think of you both, and I ask Guru Ram Das to shower His blessings on you and fill you and all who see you with love, light, and the grace of God.

    With love & blessings,

  2. I am the editor for the ashram newsletter and was emailed your letter and blog site to put in this month's newsletter. I want to use some of your images off of your Picassa site as well so wanted to get your permission before I include them.

    Thank you and sat nam,

    Guru Meher Khalsa
    GMK Web Design

  3. God bless you both. You are so in our hearts and prayers. We miss you but know you are in God’s Hands and spreading your joy, light and grace!
    Much love,

  4. I have begun a 3HO Africa group and would love to have your Angolainfo included. Please resend all your info and know that many blessings surround you and your work where ever you are.Peace

  5. Cher Lamsa, Merci pour ces nouvelles régulières que je lis toujours avec beaucoup d'attention.Nous sommes connus sur le stand du MEDNAT.Je garde un excellent souvenir de l'après-midi de musique improvisée car c'était un rêve que je n' avais pu réaliser faute de protagonistes musiciensdans l'âme. J'avance sur ma route et je te souhaite les synchronismes les plus originaux et les plus drôles qu'un esprit humain soit à la limite d'envisager; bien à toi,

  6. Sat Nam dear Jio
    So lovely to have met in Espanola and very happy to hear of your progress. Keep up the great work!
    all love in divine,
    R.S. & D.K.J.

  7. "Hi my friend, hope the travels go well. Seeing some of your pictures, no wonder you were able to sit in the Gurudwara so peacefully & meditatively. The next time we cross paths we will hopefully be able to spend more time together. I also have a buddy out here who i think you and Jasmine would like. Peace & Blessings brother, Sat Nam"

  8. [Espanola]
    Sat Nam, Dear Lamsa and Jasmine!

    How wonderful to hear from you. Your pictures are joyous too. I have forward pics and blog list to S. to post for the community. We send all our love and blessings to you both as you begin this next phase of your path, together, serving in His Name, to uplift all.
    All Love in Divine,

    “The Guru’s Teachings are the gems and jewels; the Sikh who serves Him searches and finds them.” Guru Nanak SGGS Page 1328

  9. dear firiend lot of thanks to send me such nice inspiring picture. i really loveall of of yours pictures . i saw yours face again after long time . ileft you on nizamuddin railway station . we were boath come togehterfrom brindavan . but as i saw you in these picture i got so much happy. please give my all respect to yours jesmice . you are very nice spritual soul .you are really very nice human. i am with you by heart. when you will come to india . jesmine and you both are invited to visit india .your friend

  10. Sat Nam Jasmine and Lamsa,

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the pictures. How is everything going in your post-Espanola period?
    Hope we will meet soon. Sat Nam
    PS. I bought a new guitar... it is really cool! I'll show it to you next time you come or when H.B. and I go to Angola.

  11. Hello Lamsa and Jasmine,

    You both look radiant and wonderful, so great to hear from you and finding out about your vision, Congratulations and best wishes !
    Love and light from this side of the world J
    Sat Nam,

  12. Hey Lamsaji, magnifique ce blog et votre vision. Les photos sont belles, les ambiances douces et intenses, et votre vision est noble. Je suis heureux de te savoir épanoui et enthousiaste et me réjouis d'échanger en live et de rencontrer Jasmine.
    Dans le coeur