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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Babies & Hats" Project 2013

We are collecting hats for babies and toddlers to distribute in Angola because many of the women are not protecting their kids from the hot sun and they are dying from dehydration and overheat. Many women cannot afford the hats or they are simply uneducated about the effects of the sun on young children.

Our project is simple because we have come across so many road barriers with funds and governmental support so we just want to bridge the gap between our world in Africa and our friends, family and sphere in the west by doing something that is not too hard to make a difference. One hat could help one kid to stay safe from the sun. One hat could mean life for one kid. Idea is to advance with this project to maybe medical supplies, school supplies and so on but we have to start somewhere.

There is lots of factual information on the blog please play with it and ask us questions if you want to get involved and also lots of pictures. There are several pictures with women carrying their kids on their backs without hats.

We are open to ideas, help or whatever feedback you want to give it is not "our" project; the more people we are the better and also the more involved people are the more kids we will reach!

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